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தமிழ் எழுத்துக்கள் இனையத்திஉலவி 10 ஆண்டுகள் ஆகிவிட்டன. இதில் உங்களின் பங்கு என்ன
இனைய தமிழ் பிதமாக்களை பற்றிய கட்டுரை விரைவில் சங்கே முழங்கு பதிவில்
ச ர வ ணா

Tamil Murasu Pls dowenlode murasu anjal

Tamil Unicode FAQ

Tamilil EzuthungkaL

Tamil Unicode Help Page

install tamil Fonts click

Saravana tours & travels yours new travel window

oru norway tamil paravai

 என்னுடைய அனுபவத்தில் நிறைய தமிழ் அன்பர்கள் தமிழ் எப்படி எழுதுவது மற்றும் எந்த இனைய பக்கத்தில் செல்வது என்று புரியாமல்
அவர்களுக்காக இவ்வளவு பக்கங்கள் இதில் நீங்கள் பதிவு செய்யலாம் உங்களின் கணனியில் இறக்கிக்கொள்ளாம். மாற்றம் செய்யலாம், எழுத்துபிழை திருத்தலாம் இன்னும் பல ........


Many people love to use tamil in computers, but softwares arent that popular, we hardly know 3 or 4… here i have enclosed a list of Tamil softwares (text editors, fonts, text convertors, OCR, spellchecker, … )

PATHAMI   Word Processor
Word processor in the office Suite Shakti
Chennai Kavigal  /
AZHAGI  Word Processor
Tamil Software ‘Azhagi’ -Tamil Transliteration Software
Kural Tamil Keyboard Manager
“A keyboard manager that helps to input Tamil characters in any Microsoft
Windows Applications.
Bilingual word processor, with high quality Tamil spellcheckng and seven dictionaries.
Prof. V. Krishnamoorthi
Tamil keyboard driver with spellcheck and autocorrect (of Prof. V. Krishnamoorthi)
Intelligent bilingual typing tutor
Tamil Windows Interface
Elango Tamil 2000 Windows Interface Package
Ankur Patrika is an excellent tool to create documents in Indian languages
Kavithai is a Tamil/English word processor which is powered by Kural Tamil Engine.
UniEdit - Universal Indian Language Editor
Unicode-based enhanced Tamil Word Processor
Kamban word processor 4.0 for Windows
Tamil Keyboard, Tamil Email softwares
Thunaivan 2002  for Windows together with the Keyboard Designer and
Font Converter
Murasu Anjal
Murasu Anjal  Version 9.7 & Murasu Anjal Pro
Text Editor for keying in texts as per TAB/TAM, TSCII and Unicode
using a variety of keyboard layouts
I N D O W O R D –DTP Software for Indian Language Publishing
I N D O B A S E  - Indian Language Database Manager
I N D O M A I L  -  Email Software for Indian Languages

Tamil OCR for document management
seven applications which includes Wordprocessor, Spreadsheet, Email client, Database, HTML editor, Paint Program and Web browser. The user interface and input mechanism are bi-lingual (supports English and any one Indian language).
Departmental Store Management Software
An Accounting software in Tamil

the worlds first electronic English - English - Tamil Dictionary 20000 main words, 33000 derived words, Browser and Search capability!!

Online Tamil Lexicon
IITS Online Tamil Lexikon (OTL)

Kalanjyam - Online Tamil Dictionary

Kuralamudhu is a multimedia encyclopedia on Thirukkural in a CD-ROM.

Tamil Karpeer
An interactive CDROM to learn Tamil

Computer games to learn Tamil alphabets, words and some grammer.

Panchatantra KadhaigaL
contains animated stories in Tamil.

Mazhalai PadalgaL
contains traditional Tamil rhymes for children

Adipadai Tamil
This teaches you how to Read and Write Tamil in a very interesting way with animated Lessons ,stories and Rhymes

This is a self learning Tutorial to teach computers to a Novice. This comprises of interactive animated lessons on basics of computing, windows operating systems, internet and Microsoft Office Tools.

Animated Rhymes and Activities

Ponku Tamil
Unicode Reader & Converter

aTangkAt tamil
TAB,TSCII text convertor to unicode
see also:

puthuvai Tamil text write (Bamini font based)

Tamil Unicode Usage  /online tutorial

Thiruwin Tamil Transliterator Roman script

Suvadi Text Editor
Text Editor for Windows using TSCII conformant font faces

e- Kalappai 1.0
a Bundled Software for Tamil Entry in PCs

Aksharamala is a Unicode standard-based software tool that facilitates
use of English QWERTY keyboards (ITRANS scheme) to input text
in Indian languages (including Tamil)

LedLineIt! 3.0 Text Editor  (for Mac OS & Windows)
LedLineIt! is a free, easy to use, cross-platform, multi-lingual text editor
for Unicode based texts

Online guide for Setting Tamil Keyboard in WinXP

Free fonts and Tamil softwares distributed by MIT,govt of India

1.  Tamil Bharateeya Open Office (for Linux and Windows OS )
(Spread Sheet, Presentations, Word processing & drawing tools)
free download:

2.   Tamil OpenType, TrueType fonts from
Cadgraf, Modulal Labs, Chennai Kavigal

3.   Pals Tamil e-Dictionary (for Windows OS)
English - English - Tamil  Dictionary

4.   Nursery Rhymes   (for Windows OS)
From   Palaniappa Bros

5.   Min Olai - A Tamil Editor with Spell Checker (for Windows OS
Min olai version 1.0 (”o” in olai is pronounced as “o” in “open”), is a simple
Tamil editor developed by AU-KBC Research Centre, Chennai. Based on Java,
the editor allows a user to type in Tamil and provides all the options for
basic editing apart from the additional feature of Tamil spell checking.

6.  PonVizhi Tamil OCR   (for Windows)

7.  Tamil version of Firefox Browser  (for Windows and Linux)

8.  Tamil E-mail   (for Windows and Linux)
Columba  software from CDAC

Kalvi Tamil Softwares of Dr.P.Kuppusamy
images/TamilTeacher.jpg (10103 bytes)
A set of 7 user-friendly, interactive programs that teach
Tamil step by step, i a fun video game format: akaram, consonants,
alphabets, numbers, drops, triplets & squares.
2.  TAMILBOOK-2000
Windows multimedia software for learning Tamil. Contains a verity
of features: 1700 word vocabulary, 300+ pictures, cartoons,
sounds, 28 min video, songs, stories, and excercises.
A collection of 20 children’s songs in Tamil set to popular tunes; sung
by Vanni Jayaram, Swarnalatha, Malaysia Vasudevan, Prabakaran
and Others.
Arivodu Vilaiyaadu contains 6 excellent games in Tamil: Gomuku,
Koteeswaran (Tamil version of ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?),
Kabali (business game), sitharal (puzzle), Tic-Tac-Toe, and Vallaarai
(memory game). Developed by chennai kavigal.
The essence of Thirukkural, kamatthupal, rendered as classical
music drama by S.P. Balasubramaniam & Chithra with Pukazhenthi’s
music is provided in a multimedia format 25 songs (Pu.Aa.Muthu krishnan),
with pictures (Ma. Se), original kural verses, meaning (Tamil-annal)
and English translation by P.S Sundaram.
Thirukkural, the pride of all Tamils, is now on a CD-ROM
with multimedia features like an encyclopedia of kural.
A set of 3 professionally crafted True Type Tamil fonts, confirming
to the Tamil99 format, is provided with ‘Tamilpad’ WordProc for Windows.
The Tamilpad supports Tamil e-mail feature and 3 types of key inputs:
phonetic (Tamil99 standard); romanised (English to Tamil), and
traditional (typewriter). An excellent tool for casual to professional
users of Tamil.

How to convert Windows XP in your native language?

Hi friends this is my first tutorial in this world. I am very glad to represent this for you.


You can convert your existing Windows XP in your native language, without any new installation or any other tool, and give surprise to your friends. Actually the basic idea behind this tutorial and the technique used lies on the existence of Unicode.

What is Unicode?

It is the unification of dozens of character sets such Latin, Greek, Arabic, etc; The Unicode contains most of the languages all over the world including Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, etc. For this purpose it requires 2 bytes (2*8 bits). There are no negative characters. More information about Unicode can be found at


This Unicode is not supported by Windows 95 & 98, Windows 2000 partially handle it.

But WindowsXP completely supports Unicode.


The following tools you will require. (I know you have all these on your system)


Registry editor

Character Map

Explorer Window


The following things you won’t require.

Any Download

Your Mind
(B’coz I have explained each and every thing)

That was background now coming to main point how to make Window XP in your native language. For simplicity and better understanding I have divided the entire process into three steps. Let’s explore them as well as Unicode Magic.

Before you go for any of the following mentioned process you need to do some modification to your system which are as follows.

  1. Go to Control Panel>Regional and Language Options. Click on Language tab and check the option named "Install files for complex script and right to left languages". Depending upon your requirement you can also go for "Install files for East Asia languages." Click OK and provide the Windows XP setup CD and restart the system.

  2. After restarting once again go to Control Panel>Regional and Language Options. In Regional Options tab select your language ( e.g. Hindi ) and click on Customize... .Here in Numbers > Standard Digits select your digit set and in Digit substitution select National. You can also go for some other settings in this window.


[The First Process]

If there is discussion of Windows operating system, Registry matters.


  1. Type “regedit” in run and you will have registry editor
  2. In registry editor locate the following location "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\ShellNoRoam\MUICache"
  3. Here you will see some string key and a screen will look like this. This is your first working area.
  4. Now start Character Map and select "Mangal" font for Hindi, "Shruti" for Gujarati, “Latha” for Tamil, “Tunga” for Kannada, “Raavi” for Gurumukhi and some other for other languages. (This is the only place in the tutorial where you need to use, sorrrry………, you don’t need to use your mind. Explore yourself)
  5. Character Map can be found at
    Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Character Map
    If it is not there then install it from
    Control Panel>Add or Remove Programs>Windows Components>Accessories and Utilities>Accessories>Character Map
  6. Make some setting in combo and list boxes to find your character set.
    Select               ->        Advanced view
    Character Set   ->        Unicode
    Group by          ->        All
  7. Create words of your language by selecting characters from it. If you have done then copy these character. and paste it at the value of specific key in above specified location in RE.
    (In the “Mangal” font select any character. You can see its integer code in status bar. This code is of 16 bit. E.g. U+0915: Devanagari Letter Ka. That’s why you can’t enter it directly from keyboard.)
  8. Now come back to Registry editor (at the above specified location “H..\S..\M..”).  Go down your memory lane and remember that you have seen any of this string values some where in Explorer. Yes, double click on key you want to modify and paste those words (copied in Character Map) here. And you have done it.
  9. For example in Explorer you have seen text “Wave Sound” for files of ‘wav’ extension.
    So find “@E:\WINDOWS\inf\unregmp2.exe,-9908” in Registry editor, double click on key, modify it by pasting those words.
  10. In the same manner you can modify tool tip of Recycle Bin, My Computer, etc.
  11. Do the same steps (Step7 & 8) to modify other values.
  12. You don’t need to restart the computer. Just close the explorer windows (if opened) and open it again and see the MAGIC.

[ Note : For accessibility you can add the required language from
"Control Panel>Regional and Language Options>Languages>Details". Now you can use keyboard to enter your language. Use "Left Alt + Shift" to switch between languages.


சீனர் தமிழர் மலேய மக்கள் உறவினர்போல அன்புடன் நட்புடன் வாழும் சிங்கப்பூர்
my friend Mr Jing Form Singapur Thanks Mr Jing for Your Helping

jaffnalibrary tamil ezutha ithati tattungkaL

ஸ்வேதா மேகம் சிந்தும் ஒவ்வொரு துளியிலும் உன் முகம் தேடுகிறேன்